Little Bit of Good and Little Bit of Great.

On a lovely day when an unfortunate thing happens, All you can do is either be a rock and remain indomitably strong or you can burst out crying and just let it all flow out.
Today she chose the latter. Today she chose to let her heart win. But as soon as she did that, her mind filled her heart with guilt – How can you be weak when you have been strong all along. Been brave.

But at the end of the day she learnt that when the life is not playing along with your harmony, may be some smaller figure, a smaller picture, can be just the ending you need for your day. And most of the time it will be unexpected. Such a joy. Isnt it?

That was a man. Not just any man – an old man. She thought it was a regular thing. Meeting people, listening to them, but you not being listened to. Irony.
The man although thrice of her age held something in common with her. Heal and Help.
She couldnt sense that he had seen the storm churning inside her. The confusion of past, the sadness of today and the desperation for having a secure future.  So all he did was just say the words she has been hearing all along, been all along – You are one brave strong girl. You can achieve anything-
Simple yet strong. Filled with trust. A trust from a stanger.

It wasn’t a surprise for her though. It was a reminder.
We don’t need words that make us happy. We need reminders, reminders out of nowhere, that we will have what we want ,that we will reach somewhere, there is something good in each bad and great in each worst. In each hopeless thing ever-There is little bit of good and little bit of great .

Until next time


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