It will never be Enough

Yes, that is what the title said – It will never be enough. Not even the good, not even the bad…

The good things in life, the sweet memories, the experiences, the pictures of the happy days would never be enough. Would they?
“The photographs are not enough, we could have taken more, more moments could have been captured”; ” I wish I could have one more month of school, I could live my experiences again”…

And the same goes to the bad ones. Isn’t it? You put all your hardwork and spirit to do something, to be approved but it will never be enough…You put all your heart to change the world,for good offcourse, but now is not world that counts your intention or your effort. Is it?

The expectations go higher and higher. Are we, never content with oursleves, with our limitations? And even if we are, it is only when we don’t have any expectations. Evidently, we never grade  surprises, because they are unexpected, unplanned and just experienced. But after sometime even they would not be enough. We need more surprises, more love, more friends, more money, more respect…

And in this, it is less of satisfaction we aquire, less of peace and less of our own happiness. Not the happiness that we get from outer world- the number of friends, money, acceptance from your peers…, but the happiness that we get when we peek inside. That is what happiness, peace, whichever word you pick…is!

If you peek inside, and see yourself contented, then you will know that all of it was enough.

Until next time


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