The Letter

The letter came.

Honored. Ecstatic. Hopeful. Unexpected.

Maybe life was not hard as she had first thought. Maybe someone had recognized after all, what was the war within and had given her the antidote. Maybe someone saw. Saw and accepted. Accepted and Embraced. Embraced and gave.

But, maybe Life is a teaser. Blink of an eye and the reality dawns.Mirrors are just reflections, reflections of reality that you wish were made more of the fantasies.

Rejection. Desperation. Chaos. Despair.

Yet, the resolution was made. After all, we give what we have. She gave her decision. Time was all that was needed. Needed to show, to prove and to heal. Time is what IS needed.

The letter came,
It stays.
Now, it is a reminder.


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