Conversations with A Perfectionist!

Disclaimer: It depends on the readers how they perceive it. Some might find it exaggerated, some might find it funny, and some might find it as revelation of some sort. Either ways, my purpose is solved.


ON 21st November, my worries end, and i finally get an opportunity to have a deep conversation with a perfectionist, after he commits perfect MISTAKE!

10 Minutes Before The Talk:

It is the day, the GOLDEN DAY ( if i should emphasize) when he gets a chance to do something  great. Address 1800 people, 10 esteemed people of the country, open the awaited ceremony and definitely prove himself to the doubting world… But Alas! (If i should be dramatic) the cliched mistake happens… one moment and he is BLANK! another moment and he is STAMMERING! ANOTHER MOMENT and he is enduring THE DISAPPOINTMENT…

30 Seconds before The Talk:

(If i should be quick) Done. I am done. I am a failure. And this is the end of my good sweet life.

The Talk: 

Me: Hey How could you even do this?

Perfectionist: …

Me: Now what? Nothing will be the same. Nothing, you will be a laughing stock, as usual.

Perfectionist: …

Me: Say something! Ask others, what do they feel? Did they get the mistake? Ask your mentors! Ask your friends! Ask your enemies! Ask the strangers! Ask every other person!!!

Perfectionist: OKAY! I ACCEPT IT. I MADE A MISTAKE. But you know what?Looking back the 10 minutes that went, I am HAPPY AND FEELING PERFECT, that I made the unintentional mistake. Yes, I admit that If I wouldn’t have done that MINOR mistake, It would be perfect for me. But it would BE PERFECT, I might not have FELT PERFECT.


Perfectionist: And yes for others, it will be an explosion of their expectations from me, but I realized that they DO NOT matter. Only it is me and my perception that matters, similar to what a perfectionist feels, but minor changes in the beliefs. I am still a perfectionist as you have been calling me all day, but yes it is different now.

Me: …

Perfectionist: I will still strive for perfection. It will still be for my own ego and expectations from myself. But now, whatever happens, whatever the consequences be, PERFECT OR IMPERFECT, it wont matter to me, because now only my capabilities matter and what they yield. (If i should put it in a philosophical manner)

Me: My purpose is solved, my friend. Go on. Complete your job of the day.


After the Talk:

The day ends with Revelation and,much more than happiness, it ends with content. Satisfaction. Ecstasy. The ‘Perfectionist’ is the same person who is writing these words you are reading. The person is the same. Still a perfectionist, but with a different belief. The perfectionist will make mistakes and will not freak about it. The perfectionist will learn from them. Make something PERFECT out of them.


Until Next time




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