She lives.

Every night. Every dawn. Every morning.

Prayers greet and guide her.

Yet, a cruel reminder are those tears

Of what the prayers cannot grant her.

Now, that her life stands shaken

the pillars that she built, and her own self that she made;

show a hint of broken wishes;

Broken hope,Despair, Desperation are now making her fade.


It is said that one should be ‘Heartless’,

For having a heart makes you Vulnerable.

It is said that there is no place for Tears,

For Tears make you believe that, ‘Yes, I am Vulnerable.’


She escapes.

Every Night. Every Dusk. Every Morning.

A person,not of her realm, embraces her;

And as she reels from it, she questions

Is it really a person or  just a reflection of her?


Past. Present. Future.

Do not matter.

For she is a seed,

Created to grow, learn and climb that ladder.


Ladder of Wisdom and  Power.

Tears make her strong.

Showing the light that guides her home.


Now, she looks at the sky;  Feels the earth living below.

But it is strength that consumes her,

The person of the realm, is still beside her.

And she questions again,

Is the person, the power within her?













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