The Flawed Journey

We are a journey of accomplishing Perfectionism, but the perfectionism lies in being the illusion of perfectionism, by being Imperfect.

The monotony of life ends that day. THAT PARTICULAR DAY. The person she loved, she worshiped since childhood had returned. But it was not the joyous feeling that wrapped her, it was rather the detachment of the years gone by that was strengthening her. Reminding her of the virtues of Freedom and independence from ‘side-effects’ of love and affection. She was now a free soul not poisoned by concern and care because ‘..they do nothing but make you vulnerable..’

But it was in the air that accompanied the person, that the wave of emotions had returned and the shield created had a chink. And lo! She is that person again. Weak and needy of the affection.

She is made to feel VULNERABLE, and she is made to feel worthless. Why is that?

Why are not her efforts of having an independent thinking, even if minuscule, appreciated. Why is her freedom and perception extinguished by the one way thinking of that person? Why is she made to understand that she is small when she is trying to shed the skin of ‘small.’

And then she realizes;

The world fears of ‘admitting’ that it fears. The world finds every opportunity to impose its fears on others…and the cycle goes on. ¬†Every other person in that toxic circle is MADE TO FEEL HOPELESS AND WORTHLESS.

She has to prove them wrong. Isn’t it? Because YES, she might be wrong, but then what is the problem in being wrong.

If we could be right all the time then we wouldn’t know the value of being right.

So she continues on her FLAWED JOURNEY. Absorbing the lessons and having faith in herself. She gets injured, she gets badly and heavily wounded and most of the time she questions herself again and again…but she continues to appreciate the life’s flaws.


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