When Malala Yousefzai Proved me Wrong

Yesterday  I finally decided to watch the much appraised documentary – He Named Me Malala.

Whenever i think about the ‘Advocate for Girl’s Education’ that is nearly my age I go back to that time in 2013 when her bravery was on the headlines of every newspaper. She was shot in her face on the left side by the terrorist organisation that was named  The Taliban.


At that time I was not much informed about the situations in which Pakistan was engulfed, the life of people where terrorism was prominent, their hardships and their suppression. I was an ignorant. At that time I had dared to assume that Malala was just an ordinary girl. I had thought that

 She was just any GIRL who just got lucky. Got lucky to be famous and had got the attention of the media by chance.

I had never taken her bravery, her work, her contribution to the right cause in an appreciable perspective. I attributed her work as just mere chance, nothing else.

In 3 years my view has changed 180°. Now she is an inspiration to me. I see her as a role model. But it would be unbelievable if I didn’t tell you the reason for this change of attitude.

Off course, my level of knowledge about this cause helped me to understand the situation better but more than that the utmost reason that became a true follower of Malala happened much more recently.

I had been gifted the novel ‘I am Malala’ by my school due to my excellent contribution to the school. I had started reading it much more recently after i knew I would be able to accept what the novel was to offer me with an open mind. My curiosity led me to watch the documentary I mentioned above.


In the documentary there was a small section that said a lot. It showed those people who just like me in 2013 thought of her work as fake.

It was quite ironical to show that segment just after her whole life full of suffering, hard work and most importantly perseverance was depicted.

I had my attitude changed especially after I realized the irony above. So I made it a point write this blog. Even if no one reads it, it would satisfy me. After all, Malala proved me wrong, for the good.

Malala was indeed an ordinary girl but with extraordinary courage to lead a cause with such gravity.


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