I am a 17 year old living in a country where the sole definition of anything isn’t uniform. I live in India – Where even though it was called ‘Hindustan’ in ancient times, today Hindus live along with Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Parsis, and many more religions and even atheists; where the history of the orthodox patriarchal society is being challenged, where the once hopeless are now taking up the daunting tasks to put their heats and show the world what they got.But this blog is about something that was a part of a recent intense discussion that I had with another person.

India has been defamed recurrently of being unsafe for women both foreign and native, and unfortunately the statistics do provide a speck of truth to it. But why is it?.. is the prime question around which we both exchanged a lot of heat.

Feminism in its basic meaning advocates for women empowerment in every sphere and I proudly claim myself as a feminist but for the right reasons only. It is presumptive to myriad of people that it is about the belief that women have which says,”WOMEN are BETTER than MEN!” only few people understand that it is not about dominance of only one sex.

It is more about the rare belief that says, “WOMEN are equal to MEN, IT IS ABOUT TIME to treat us like equals!”

But this then points out to the common belief, in India particularly, projected by the much more orthodox sections of the society that still  believe in the virtues of a patriarchal society: It is this belief that is the reason that crimes against the women are performed.

According to them, women try to bridge the biological and social differences that were made and created for a particular reason. For them it is not justified that women wear jeans, skirts, tops or anything that is not a kurta or a saree!

For them, it is the openness of the society in communication, the open minds, the liberal minds, the minds that want to take risks, that want to get what they rightly deserve, the minds that do not fear  to challenge the norms.

Agreed, that yes, there are biological and social differences. It would be succumbing to cowardliness to avoid the fact that there are some things that women have much more difficulty in doing than men; like even till now we cannot roam at midnight without being catcalled; it is a common attitude that it is the woman who is the home maker and the man a bread winner, it is difficult for women to make a mark righteously in the cruel word.

But more than this it would be succumbing to ignorance if we believe that these differences are impossible to overcome. It would be sheer foolishness and doubt in the courage that women possess to believe that we are unequal for a reason.


After all, It all comes down to acceptance and respect for each other.



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