It is brutal out there

“I’d like to consider myself as a powerful woman”, she said, with hope of becoming one truly and completely. She watched, observed, noted down, and dreamed of being that woman, who has that icy stare, yet approachable face and that tall, proud yet humble posture. Yes, a paradox. Possible or not?

As she transitioned from her fantasy land to a land where her fantasies could be realized, she retrospected her goal in life, her personality and the people surrounding her. Enthusiastic and realistic, strategic and yet adventurous; she took that leap of faith and proved she was worthy of being strong.

But just like any story, as the fate dawned upon her, just one thought remained – It is brutal out there. “I am powerful, but am I powerful enough. I am strong, but am I strong enough. I am the person I want myself to be, but am I that person truly, deep down?” Yes, a paradox. And, it is possible.


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